C is for Conversion

C is for Conversion

Conversions are actions that users take on calls-to-action and are critical to informing how well your site and content are performing.

Synonyms: Act, Goal, Deed, Doing

From a definition standpoint, when we talk about conversions or a conversion point, we are talking about an action that a user takes to a desired action or response to a call-to-action. It is also important to note that conversions can span your digital ecosystem beyond your website. Conversions vary across digital experiences, but some examples include filling out a form, buying a product, downloading a brochure or white paper, creating an account or clicking through a PPC ad or email link.

It is also important to note that conversions for B2B and B2C are often very different – where B2C marketers look for quicker conversions, B2B marketers are focused on more micro-conversions that nurture users through their journey towards a more significant conversion at the end of the journey.

Why do we care about conversions?

Conversions are some of the most important factors in tracking the success of your website and/or marketing strategies. When you get someone to convert, it means that you are getting a website visitor or a member of your target audience to do what you want them do.

How do we learn about conversions/where users are converting?

Well first, it is important to make sure that you are tracking goals/conversions in your data collection system of choice. Then from there, you want to pay attention to conversion rates and also the path to conversion. If your conversion rates are low, it may be a sign that there are parts of the site/experience that are causing friction. Having this data helps shed light on optimization opportunities

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Jill Grozalsky

Author: Jill Grozalsky

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