M is for Marketing Automation

M is for Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation helps organizations maintain contact with prospects and/or customers in a meaningful and efficient way.

Synonyms: email marketing, engagement plans

From a definition standpoint, when we talk about marketing automation (MA) we are talking about technologies that are designed for organizations – and specifically their marketing teams – to more effectively market on multiple channels online and automate repetitive tasks.

Often times when we talk about marketing automation, we are specifically referring to email marketing, but it is important to note that MA is broader than that.

Why do we care about marketing automation?

We care about marketing automation for a few reasons. One, it helps organizations maintain contact with prospects and/or customers in a meaningful and efficient way. Combining marketing automation with segmentation, organizations can deliver hyper-relevant and personalized information, offers, deals, etc. We also care about marketing automation because it helps to provide insights for better lead qualification so that when leads are nurtured and passed off to sales, there are opportunities for higher revenue and quicker deals.

How do we start using marketing automation?

Well, to use marketing automation, you need a marketing automation solution. If you are using a tool like Sitecore or Episerver, these have this functionality built in. If not, you should start evaluating technologies to plug into your stack to support MA efforts. With a technology in place (or selected) and contacts imported, the next step to starting with MA is to identify various segments that you want to engage with, set up email templates for those segments, define KPIs and start running campaigns!

Obviously, that is an over simplified answer to how to start, so if you want to chat more about selecting a MA platform, getting started or evolving with MA, fill out the contact form or HMU on twitter @jgrozalsky.

Stay thirsty, friends!

Jill Grozalsky

Author: Jill Grozalsky

As Director of Digital Strategy, Jill helps clients develop and execute strategies rooted in data that provide the best experience for their customers.

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