O is for Optimization

O is for Optimization

Optimization strategies are important to ensuring that what you deliver is helping, not hindering, users in their experience.

Synonyms: boost, raise, surge

From a definition standpoint, when we talk about optimization we are referring to actions and strategies that are used to enhance an experience or make it the most effective and drive business goals.

When it comes to optimization, specific tactics we refer to include personalization and testing which both fall under the optimization umbrella.

Why do we care about optimization?

That sounds like a silly question, doesn’t it? Why would you want to leave something as adequate, when you could optimize it and make it better? The practice of optimizing a site is one of the best ways to collect actionable data not only about what is working and what’s not, but more detailed data around what is driving different audience groups towards their conversions.

How do we get started with optimization?

Always start with data. Whenever you are looking to optimize, it is important to have a pulse on baseline performance so you can understand which parts of your site (pages/content pieces/CTAs/etc.) are performing well or where there might be an opportunity to improve the experience through optimization efforts.

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Stay thirsty, friends!

Jill Grozalsky

Author: Jill Grozalsky

As Director of Digital Strategy, Jill helps clients develop and execute strategies rooted in data that provide the best experience for their customers.

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