Personalization Progression: The Power of Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing Conversions and Handshake

With 97% of marketers saying account based marketing had higher ROI than other marketing activities, it’s critical to invest in ABM and personalization as a tactic to drive conversions.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has been the talk of the town for a number of years now, and rightfully so because it’s pretty damn powerful. Not only does it align the sales and marketing process to build relationships with hyper-targeted messaging, campaigns and interactions but, according to Alterra Group, 97% of marketers surveyed said ABM had higher ROI than other marketing activities!

And if you’re a Sitecore user, then you’re even luckier! While there are many tactics that can be deployed as part of an ABM strategy, personalization is one of the most powerful and effective in the bunch. With Sitecore, executing personalized ABM is achievable with just a few clicks in the Sitecore rules-engine.  

At its core, an ABM approach allows you to treat each account or company as if they are their own market and the sole recipient of your attention. Through personalized content and landing pages, B2B companies can display custom copy, images, offers and forms for visitors. Capturing engagement history such as content consumed, landing pages visited and the like, information can be stored in the Sitecore xFile and passed on to sales reps, achieving the tight connection between sales and marketing every organization needs.

Using Sitecore’s rules-engine, B2B companies will be able to quickly configure personalization that supports ABM not just on landing pages (which can serve as a great way to initially cookie and categorize site visitors), but throughout the entire experience so that messaging and offers are consistent at every touch point in the user’s journey. 

To get started with ABM, you first need to identifying target accounts and begin determining the content they should be shown. But with a few planning and strategy sessions under your belt, you will be well prepared to get into Sitecore and configure the kinds of personalized experiences that will drive conversions and ROI.

Next up, the last step of personalization progression is coming your way with patterns. So as always, stay tuned and stay thirsty!

Jill Grozalsky

Author: Jill Grozalsky

As Director of Digital Strategy, Jill helps clients develop and execute strategies rooted in data that provide the best experience for their customers.

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