Thirsty for Ideas? Say Hello to the New Brainjuice Box, Baby!

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My parents always told me that as a kid I would talk just to hear my own voice. I loved interacting with people and would ramble for hours to have my voice heard.

I also had a thirst for learning and sharing my thoughts. Twenty-five+ years later, not much has changed. By combining speaking engagements and blog posts, I am still that girl who loves discourse and to discuss my thoughts with anyone who will listen.

Luckily, I have found a profession and a company that empowers me to continuously learn, be vocal and share my knowledge with others. To continue to support my desire to ‘share the love’ when it comes to all things strategy and martech, Brainjocks is launching Brainjuice, a new blog focused on providing thoughts and insights on everything from digital strategy to customer research, personalization to testing, journey maps to KPI reporting and more! Nothing is off limits, and at the rate of change in our industry, we will make sure to address industry updates, trends and anything that YOU, the reader, are interested in. We hope to be your one-stop-shop for all things customer experience.

And you won’t just be hearing from me; You will be hearing from a number of brilliant people that I have the honor of working with – from Sue Klumpp the OG of strategy at Brainjocks to Lisa Hunter – the sales superhero and CX champion to Ken Forst our creative captain- we’ve got a lot of useful, thought-provoking and engaging content that we want to share with you.

So welcome to Brainjuice. If you have a topic you’d like us to write about or questions about anything, please feel free to reach out. Comment on posts. Tell us what you think. We can’t wait to share our thoughts and learn and engage with you!

Stay thirsty, friends!

Jill Grozalsky
Director of Digital Strategy

Jill Grozalsky

Author: Jill Grozalsky

As Director of Digital Strategy, Jill helps clients develop and execute strategies rooted in data that provide the best experience for their customers.

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