X is for XPR

Xperience Rules allow marketers to associate goals with various components to track engagement with content like buttons, videos and carousels within Sitecore.

Synonyms: Regulation, Directive, Law

Xperience Rules is not a word you are likely to find in the dictionary. I could define rules as they relate to governing principles or experience as a practical contact but for our purposes, Xperience Rules are a collection of conditions and actions that enhance marketers’ abilities to trigger goals, profile content and users, personalize, and gather robust analytics to better see into buyer behavior on your website. 

Why do we care about Xperience Rules?

89% of digital businesses are investing in tools for personalization (Forrester) and for those using Brainjocks SCORE, personalization just got a lot easier! Xperience Rules allow marketers to associate goals with various components to track engagement with content like buttons, videos and carousels.  Sitecore out-of-the-box (OOTB) provides the ability to create page-based goals and associate them to some engagement metrics, however, the ability to individually associate goals at a granular, component-level would normally require an additional step which has been taken care of by Brainjocks SCORE. On top of giving more power to marketers to set up tracking, with the expanded capabilities offered by Xperience Rules, marketers can look forward to additional insights in Experience Analytics into how visitors interact with content whether it be expanding an accordion, flipping through a carousel or simply clicking a button. 

How do we start using Xperience Rules?

Whether you have SCORE or not, working with Sitecore, goals and Xperience Rules daily has taught me to typically begin by defining what I want to track. Using design comps to see the visual representation of the content and how a visitor will interact with it can provide several goals to track. Once you have determined what to track, associating goals with the content will allow you to gauge the level of engagement. Full disclosure: to start using Xperience Rules, you do need Brainjocks SCORE! If you already have a newer version of SCORE which includes Xperience Rules, implementation is pretty easy! 

While this just scratches the surface for Xperience Rules, so if you are interested in chatting more about what Xperience Rules can do or maybe want to see a demo, fill out the contact form or you can always message me on LinkedIn or Twitter @sitecorejo

Rule the Xperience, my friends! 

Jo Troxell

Author: Jo Troxell

As a Digital Strategist, Jo assists clients in developing, determining and implementing strategy aligned with business goals to advance their digital maturity.

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