Y is for Yearly Impact

Y is for Yearly Impact

While it is important to have a regular cadence of measurement, looking at your yearly impact from marketing efforts helps shed light on bigger behavior trends.

Synonyms: Yearly ROI, Annual ROI, Annual Influence

From a definition standpoint, when we talk about yearly impact we are referring to something similar to ROI in that we are talking about the outcome from investments. With yearly impact we are specifically looking at the impact that marketing efforts and investments have over the course of the year in terms of driving leads, revenue, and more.

Why do we care about yearly impact?

The first reason we care about yearly impact is because we always want to be measuring our efforts to see how well we are progressing towards business goals. Of course, you should be doing more frequent measuring than yearly to keep a pulse on how things are performing and inform if you need to pivot. One of the other main reasons we care about measuring yearly impact is because it allow us to get a full picture of behavior at a more holistic level that accounts for holidays, seasonality, etc. that may impact businesses.

Getting Started with Yearly Impact

As mentioned above, you should already be measuring things with a more regular cadence, so you will just want to use that but show how yearly numbers contribute to overarching business goals. Also make sure to use your yearly impact data to extract any user behavior trends you see across months, seasons etc. and use that data to inform the timing of future marketing and lead generation efforts.

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